We want to partner up and pay you to provide high-quality service to our customers.

 We are a general contractor that partners with qualified service professionals to complete home service requests.

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How It Works

Step 1: Sign Up

Our sign up process ensures a good fit, and that only qualified contractors like you are able to partner with us.

Step 2: Provide Service

We call you to discuss and schedule new projects you may be interested in. We keep the number of contractors we work with to a minimum so that we can give you consistent business. We want you to love us too.

Step 3: Get Paid

After the customer approves of the project completion, we charge the homeowner. When the project payment is cleared by the bank we immediately pay you directly into your bank account.

Step 4: Get Reviewed

After every project, the customer will review your service. The higher your average review rating, the more we are likely to call you first when service requests come in.

Subcontractor FAQ

We are a local general contractor based in Tulsa and Oklahoma City that does residential remodels, additions, and home service repair projects.

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It’s our model to keep a small group of high-quality contractors in each trade, so you get to know us and get more business with us. This is in contrast to our online “lead generating” competitors, where you potentially compete against dozens of others for each project, paying for leads whether you win jobs or not.

Since we are a local general contractor, you will get to know us in person. Each project has a LoopedHome employee who coordinates the project and manages customer satisfaction.  We trust our contractors to handle minor repairs and service calls without us being physically present, but we do visit the job site of larger projects. We may even bring you lunch on us.

Here are a few easy reasons to apply:

  1. You do not pay application fees or membership dues, nor do you pay for leads.
  2. We generate business for you. 
  3. We take care of customer service.
  4. We pay quickly after project completion.
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No, we are not trying to sell you anything. There is no fee to sign-up. There are no membership fees. You do not pay for leads. 

You pay us with quality service to our clients and help maintain our good reputation.

We make money in the same way as a general contractor, by marking up subcontractor services at standard general contractor rates while maintaining competitive market prices.

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No, we do not use a downloadable app. Everything takes place on our website application, text messaging, email, and phone.

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After a project is completed to customer satisfaction and the customer invoice is paid to LoopedHome, LoopedHome pays you in full within 1 to 5 business days, directly into your bank account via the trusted Stripe platform.

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LoopedHome makes money in the same way as a general contractor, by marking up subcontractor services at standard general contractor rates while maintaining competitive market prices.

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The amount of business you get with us depends on what kind of trade you are in, how competitive your bidding process is, how well you are rated by customers, and how quickly you respond to project requests.

Some contractors in our system only do several hundred dollars in business annually, while others do well into the six figures.

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Looped Home Subcontractor Requirements

Applying is free to you.

However, each application costs us money from our own pocket. It takes hours of our own labor and background check costs to process, so please apply only if you are certain you can pass a criminal background check, have kept any relevant licenses up to date, and are current with proper insurance coverage.

Our process for accepting contractors into our system is a thorough one, designed to accept only quality contractors. Unfortunately, that means we have to deny more contractors than we accept, even some good contractors that may just not be a good fit.

Based on our phone conversations and meetings, contractors who get accepted:

Excellent communication starts with proper scheduling, and communicating when you are on your way to a customer’s home. 

Communicating well to the homeowner about the details of the project, and ensuring they chose the right company (LoopedHome) and have the right man for the job (You), is important.

It’s your job to make homeowners feel safe and respected by you. This includes displaying a professional and positive attitude at all times. 

Basic steps must also be taken to protect the customer’s home from damage, debris, and dust. Proper drop cloths to and in your work area are the expectation, and show you care about their home, along with thoroughly cleaning up after yourself.

Sometimes in mid-project, it becomes clear that the cheaper option wasn’t the right option. We need you to have the skills to sell the appropriate, more complete solution.

When you make a mistake, we need to know that you will fix or redo your work no matter the cost to you. That’s the right way to do business no matter who you are.

We have created a platform for communication and customer payment to make doing business easier for all parties involved, and that includes you.

By using our platform:

  1. You do not pay application fees or membership dues, nor do you pay for leads.
  2. We generate business for you.
  3. We take care of customer service.
  4. We pay quickly after project completion.

You agree to use our platform and have the integrity to not attempt to go off-platform and steal our projects, up-sells, or customers.

We do not require that you have a presence on all platforms, only that if you do have a presence, it is a positive one. 

We check your online business presence and reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, and Thumbtack.

Our customer’s physical, mental, and financial safety is our top priority. Anything we find on a criminal background check will be considered while evaluating your application.

Not every trade requires a license, but if yours does, we will be confirming licensing status with the city, county, or state- whichever applies.

We need to know you are invested in your own business and care about your own reputation. In our experience, businesses that are older than two years are more likely to honor their work and fix their mistakes than those under two years.

General Liability Insurance:

For most trades, we require that you carry a minimum liability policy of $1,000,000 with a $2,000,000 aggregate. This is considered standard-level insurance for contractors and is not expensive. 

After you are accepted as a LoopedHome contractor, we require to be named “additionally insured” and to be a “certificate holder” on your existing general liability policy. 

This is the only cost associated with doing business with LoopedHome, and should start around $25 extra a month on your existing general liability insurance policy. The business you do with LoopedHome should far offset this minor added expense. 

Workers Compensation Insurance:

We, and the state of Oklahoma, require license holding contractors to have their own Worker’s Compensation Insurance. We require you to be a “Certificate Holder” on your Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

If you are EXEMPT from Workers Compensation Insurance, we require a copy of your Worker’s Compensation Exemption Card. 

After you get accepted as a LoopedHome subcontractor, Workers Compensation Insurance EXEMPT contractors agree to notify LoopedHome of any other person brought to our job site, and provide us with their contact information and proof of their Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage or their own Workers Compensation Exemption Card.

We want to hear from your customers about their experience doing business with you.

We accept a valid driver’s license or U.S. Passport.

Pretty standard stuff.

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